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Our Virtual Currency Phone2call Credits

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Phone2call credits are mainly planned to allow user to use any available payment method from any of our payment systems (around 60+ in total) to buy any of our products/services, after making exchange(s) if needed. Also, they are very important for our promotional activities as coupons,...

What is Phone2call Credits?

Phone2call Credits is a virtual currency that works as normal money/currency in our website (with a real value as USD has).

Check my Phone2call Credits' Account

How to spend Phone2call Credits?

You will be able to spend them in any of the following ways:

  1. To exchange them for Virtual Numbers DIDs' Balance.
  2. To exchange them for Dialers' Balance.
  3. Buy directly with these Credits in our store.

This is shown by the following picture: phone2call-credits

Make Exchange between DIDs' Balance, Dialers' Balance and Phone2call Credits

How to get Phone2call Credits for FREE?

There are many ways to get them for FREE:

  1. You get 20 initial Credits once you register. Also if you receive an invitation to join Phone2call and accept it, you will get 3 additional credits. Yes, this is great!
  2. Sending invitations to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Hotmail,..., friends, through our innovative Invitation System (after the invitation is accepted). You will get 5 credits per accepted invitation. Your friends will get that described in 1., e.g. at least 23 Credits once they are registered.
  3. Posting in Forum.
  4. 1 Credit per login per day.
  5. Redeeming FREE vouchers shared in our Facebook page Phone2call.

Send Invitations to your friends from Facebook, Linkedin,..., and easily get Phone2call Credits for FREE!

How to buy Phone2call Credits?

Globally, there are 50+ payment methods through you can purchase Phone2call Credits. Purchase Phone2call Credits


We Support

  • pbxinaflash
  • asterisk
  • elastix
  • freepbx