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Who are the target sellers and buyers?

The following is our proposal about target people to offer (you may become) and buy our products. Perhaps you could have additional ideas about. As you can see on the table, the target population is very expanded since the telecommunication services are used by almost everyone.

INDIVIDUALS Students University, High School, Educational Institutions,...
Employers Company, Business Center,...
Independent Neighborhood,...
BUSINESS Small Store, grocery, peddler,...
Medium Supermarket, Store, Tourism/Travel Agency, Pharmacy,...

What to sell (offer)?

Basically, you will offer International Phone Cards which will also be useful to make national calls and use other services through our Dialers' Panel. Our rates to call will probably be the cheapest ones that your customers will have ever seen, since our rates are very competitive and low. Of course, we keep a great quality.

How customers can use phone cards?

What will I win?

You will get an interested commision profit represented by a percent money over your gross sales. We don't write our commision here for convenience, but if you're interested, please, contact through our Tickets System to our Marketing Team.

Which country inhabitants can participate?

By now, we are interested mainly in countries from Africa and Latinamerica. However, if you are from a different region, don't hesitate to tell us your proposal.

Advantages of selling our phone cards?

Why are our rates so low?

Because we use a contemparenous technology that offers both great quality and low prices to make calls. A technology that is revolutioning the telecommunications field.

Is this legal in my country?

Although there are a few countries that restrict this type of cards, most of countries allow them.

How to start to sell?

Contact our Marketing Team through our Tickets System telling us that you want to work with us.

Further information?

We invite you to explore our website including our Forum and/or contact our Marketing Department (Team) through our Tickets System.


Cordially, Marketing Team - Phone2call.