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Demo for Dialers and DIDs

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Do you need to test before registering or buying or? If so, try our demos.

You will be able to test the dialers related services, as:

  • Make international/national calls to mobiles/landlines and Phone2call users by using dialers (softphones).
  • Send international/national SMS to mobiles and use web callback, autodialer, through the Soft Panel.

You will be able to test the Virtual Numbers DIDs related services, as:

  • Know the performance of the associated DID to the demo account (this DID is one like we sell). You could call normallly that DID number and see how it works. A DID may reject calls outside from their country.
  • Configure different call forwarding options as VOIP, ITSP, My VPBX, PSTN (regular landlines/mobiles) and check how they are working.
  • Explore the ultimate My Virtual PBX (My VBPX) application.
  • Explore the DIDs interfaz.

There are 3 demo accounts you can use. Take into account that another person may be making changes at the same time you are there also.

Demo 1

Demo 2 

Demo 3


Only certain daily small amount of money may be spent per demo account. Be conscious that these demos are only to test (not to use them indiscriminately) and that others also want to try these demos. If you have tried and are satisfied with our services, please don't use the demos, and if you want, create your own account and purchase (take the chance that only you or who you want will use this account and the money in).


We Support

  • pbxinaflash
  • asterisk
  • elastix
  • freepbx