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Virtual PRI

What is it?

A Virtual PRI is a Virtual Number DID with many channels per each one, in our case, 30 channels per DID. It means there could be up 30 simultaneous incoming calls to this phone number. The normal DIDs have 2 channels.

Where are they located?

We provide Virtual PRI in 25+ countries, as follows:

Austria Germany Poland
Belgium Hungary Romania
Brazil Israel Slovakia
Croatia Italy Slovenia
Czech Republic Latvia South Africa
Denmark Liechtenstein Spain
Dominican Republic Lithuania Sweden
Finland Luxembourg Switzerland
France Norway United Kingdom

How can I buy one?

It's the same procedure than getting a normal Virtual Number DID, but choose the option Virtual PRI instead of a city.

Get a Virtual PRI now!

How much do they cost?

Currently, the rate is only 60 USD/Virtual PRI, so only 2 USD/Channel.

What are their typical applications?

  • Call Centers.
  • Calling cards.
  • Conference.
  • High volume incoming calls businesses.



We Support

  • pbxinaflash
  • asterisk
  • elastix
  • freepbx