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Cheap International Calls

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What is it?

It allows an user to call any mobile and landline in the world at very low prices (you may save up 90% respect to traditional services). That mobile/landline may be local, national or international. The rate to call a destination number is the same without mattering where the call is originated.


  • Very cheap prices to call any regular mobile/landline.
  • Save even in your national calls.
  • Only PREMIUM Quality.
  • Instantaneous delivery of service.
  • Pay-As-You-Go-Service without any fee (NO connection fee,...).
  • Multiple and flexible ways to call.
  • Multiple ways to recharge.
  • Efficient support.
  • Chance to win FREE credits by inviting your friends from your social networks through our innovative Invitation System. Test it and you will see how easy is to get FREE credits!!!.
  • Confidence of buying to a prestigious global trademark as Phone2call.



How to use it?

It's very easy to start calling. The following are the devices you may use to make calls. Click on the device(s) you want to use to call (a new page will be opened) and go to its section How to start calling? The delivery will be instantaneous once you complete the easy-to-follow steps written there.

  • Webphone (Directly from browser. No downloads)
  • Android Device (Android Mobile,...)
  • iOS Device (iPhone, iPad,...)
  • Windows Device (PC, laptop, notebook,...)
  • IP Phone
  • Phone Adapter (ATA)

We make the difference!

This table shows why you should choose us!!!

Traditional ProvidersMonopolies


Phone2callEven Better

Fully transparent ratesOnly pay for the minute you talk no no ok
No weekly feeNeither periodical fee ok ok ok
No connection feeNo setup fee  no no ok
No hidden feesNo tricks  no no ok
RatesPrices per minute High Low Very low
Unique ratesSame price for prepaid and postpaid no no ok
Android AppFor Android devices no ok
iPhone/iPad AppFor iOS Devices


ok ok
PC AppPC, laptop,..., with Windows no ok ok
No international roaming costsYou can call from anywhere at the same price no ok ok
Recognized trademarkConfidency in the company ok  ok ok
High qualityPremium quality ok ok ok
FREE call between usersCalls between network' users for FREE no ok ok
Global accountUse it anywhere in the world no ok ok
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We Support

  • pbxinaflash
  • asterisk
  • elastix
  • freepbx