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What is it?


Calling Cards




Demo to try?

Yes! You can see the platform for you (Admin) and for your own customers (User) by clicking on the buttons below.

Username = "user" and Password = "user1"

Download our softphone for Windows to test your demo account! Set tarriffs in seconds and try out our features.

   The Control Panel

How much it costs

As we already wrote, our platform, support and training is for FREE. You have to pay only for the minutes you talk. You are discovering why our program is one of the most fast growing and reliable telecom resellers service in the world!

Why can't I register as a reseller automatically?

We would like to see your potential as a business, and if we believe we can support you in the manner you request, we will supply our services. Our platform is extremely powerful, so we do not wish to waste resources on free registrations which may be not as powerful. You do not need to be an expert in VOIP services, but we would like to see your love to make a difference in communication.

What about if I want to sell prepaid phone cards online?

We make the difference. If you work with us, we also may help you to set your own automatic online store to sell your prepaid phone cards. Great!!!

What about the rates for resellers?

Check approximate rates going to the Admin Reseller Demo -> PERSONAL MENU - Details -> Rates. This rates are not fixed, this may be changed depending on your project.


Once we receive your information of interest to work with us as reseller, we will begin a deeper knowledge of you and your needs. Both we and you will arrange a work schedule to help you building your business (we have available training and support for you for FREE).

Further information

We are conscious you may still have some questions, circumstances to tell, etc. If you would like, you can write a message to our online support service (see the widget below; maybe an agent is available now or leave a message) or write a ticket to our Reselling Department through our Tickets System. Someone from our team will be in touch.

"We know the phone of the future", write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.